Seth Godin ir Forum One

Marketing legend Seth Godin shares insights on how to escape senselessness

„What the industrial economy seduced us into believing is that the deal was simple: You work your day doing something you’re not proud of, and you decompress at night with television and whisky, and on weekends you can go for a run. Right? Do that forever, and forty years from now you’re dead — that’s the deal. And we sold that deal to a lot of people,” – the marketing guru Seth Godin goes straight forward with unpleasant truth.

Break the rules, change your daily routines, be creative – says the marketing legend and main speaker at the upcoming FORUM ONE business and leadership conference in Vilnius, at the end of October. We all are creative, not only those working in advertising or art fields, so anyone can become creative, free their mind and stop being afraid of acting in a different way and against the traditional routine. S. Godin holds on that human will never be replaced by computer – if only we stop acting like computers.

Today you are creative, innovative and encouraging others to turn off old dogmas. But what was you like as a child? Did you start breaking the rules in your childhood? Maybe you was born with it?

– Probably my teachers would say that I was asking too much questions and my parents would remind me of all the times they encouraged me to not give up on failures and live without restrictions.

Thinking that you will not become someone because you were not born someone is a trap. For every rebellious child there are bunch of grown up’s who can show the way of changing and going out of conventions.

How the new world order is changing marketing? And how is changing all business environment?

– The world really changed over the last 15 years. That will last for long years. Right now we are transitioning into what I call “the connection economy” in which value is created by the connections we make and not by industrialism.

You say that business can attract attention only by implementing “the purple cow” strategy – the brown cow can’t attract attention but the purple one will help in doing so. Looks like many companies are trying to use a “purple cow” in their marketing routines. So maybe we are having too many “purple cows” that are not remarkable at all?

– Indeed many companies are trying to become purple. But the problem is that very often purple company looks so only for itself instead of being purple for others – only then company can be accepted as exceptional. I agree that today it’s harder than ever to be remarkable but if your strategy is not working the answer is simple (though not easy) – create a better art.

One of your thoughts is that we are living in an ad-avoiding age. Do you think that one day advertising will just vanish? Or come in other shapes?

– I think that we already crossed over the point where advertising was always paying off. There were times when spending money was giving attention. But nowadays advertisement is not necessary working.

How would you describe the successful person? What qualities he/she should have?

– There can be many forms of success, as many forms of happiness. In connection economy the successful person is reliable person. He has a permission to contact you. He leads. He’s doing an important work.


Ilja Laurs